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Stephen Hawking School

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These videos clips are a collection of signs used throughout the day, during activities and daily tasks. Some of these are key signs that aid many of the children’s communication and learning. Some of the children are familiar with this these signs and will use hand gesture, vocalisation and signs to communicate. We hope that these short clips will be beneficial to the children as a learning and communication aid while they are at home.

At Stephen Hawking School we use Signalong as our main signing system, this is used alongside speech and a total communication approach. Some of the signs have been adapted from Makaton to suit our children’s needs. This includes the signs for ‘finished’ and ‘toilet’.

There are also some free resources including signs of the week, song booklets and video content already available via the Signalong website and Facebook page. Parents and carers are more than welcome to utilise these resources to aid communication at home.