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Stephen Hawking School

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The team: 

Stephen Hawking School Outreach Service is comprised of specialist teachers with a wealth of experience and expertise in teaching children with  severe learning difficulties (SLD)/profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD).

Who do we work with? 

Children aged from 3 to eleven years who are in mainstream schools and:

  • have severe learning difficulties (SLD), (PMLD) and global developmental delay;

  • are operating within the P levels or at a significantly younger phase within the Early Years Foundations Stage;

  • are transitioning from Stephen Hawking School to a mainstream school;

  • children who have a Multi Sensory Impairment/ are deaf-blind.

What support can we provide?

Members of the outreach team will:

  • identify the child’s strengths and needs and the potential impact this may have on development and learning;

  • complete observations and assessment to provide additional information as well as support the child’s access to the curriculum through planning and target setting.This happens alongside the class teacher and SENCO;

  • provide a written report to contain recommendations for future practice;

  • support the class teacher to differentiate the the curriculum, this may include the provision of activities and materials in response to the child’s learning needs;

  • model specialist teaching strategies and intervention approaches;

  • support the school in developing effective inclusion for pupils with S/PMLD;

  • provide advice and support to the child’s teaching support assistant;

  • liaise with parents and other involved professionals where appropriate;

  • provide advice and support during the Annual Review process;

  • provide advice and support at times of transition;

  • provide training sessions for people who are involved in inclusion and the education of children with S/PMLD;

  • facilitate networking between people involved in inclusion for children with S/PMLD.

For children who are identified as having a multi-sensory impairment we can provide specialist input. This service is suitable for those children and young people where input from a qualified specialist teacher for deaf-blindness/multi-sensory impairment is identified in their Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC plan).

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Who does the MSI specialist teacher work with?

 Children and young people with:

  • combined visual and hearing impairments that impact significantly upon their daily functioning and learning;

  • visual or hearing impairment and additional needs.

Input may also be provided for a child awaiting a diagnosis of a dual sensory impairment (vision and hearing), where there is ongoing investigation, and it is considered this impacts significantly upon the child’s daily functioning and learning.

 How can the outreach service be accessed?

  • schools or other services within the Tower Hamlets Local Authority may approach the Outreach team at Stephen Hawking School for discussion and advice;

  • following this, it may then be possible to undertake an initial assessment visit.

  • subsequent input will require a child’s Education, Health and Care plan (EHC plan) to be amended to specify input from the Stephen Hawking School outreach team.

  • schools or other services outside of Tower Hamlets may contact the Outreach team at Stephen Hawking school to discuss commissioning work from the specialist MSI teacher.