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Stephen Hawking School

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Home - School Contract

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  1. ensure that all children receive a broad and balanced curriculum, making the curriculum and other school documentation available to you.
  2. establish an effective method of home - school communication with each family, written diary or phone calls.
  3. at the Annual Review meeting, or just after admission, work with you to set clear individual targets for your child to achieve within a year.
  4. provide clear and accurate reports on your child’s progress through end of term reports and Annual Reviews.
  5. involve parents in decision making regarding their child’s education and other key issues of school development.

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  1. ensure that their child attends school each day, informing the school promptly of any unavoidable absence.
  2. attend Annual Review and target setting meetings.
  3. participate in the agreed system of home - school communication.
  4. attend parents meetings and take part in discussions and decision making.
  5. raise problems and issues that are affecting their child’s progress with the relevant member of staff.
  6. support their child’s learning at school and at home.