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Stephen Hawking School

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Declaration of Business & Pecuniary Interests

As of March 2021

Governor’s name Type of Governor Declaration Date of last declaration
Gaurav Bahri Parent NIL 11/3/21
C Curtis Co-opted Richard House volunteer support advocate 2/10/18
G Frau Staff Nil 2/10/18
S Gilvin Co-opted Nil 2/10/18
T Haroon Parent Relative of SHS Senior Premises Manager 11/1/19
Sasha Manley Co-opted Nil 11/3/21
Sabah Naqushbandi Co-opted Nil 7/4/20
Arrash Yassaee Local Authority nominee 1.    Employee Huma - Digital health company
2.    Employee - Imperial College Healthcare NHS Foundation
Jennie Bird Executive Head Teacher Harry Gosling Primary school: Headteacher Stepney Park Primary
School: Governor