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Stephen Hawking School

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Free resources for 14 days, many of which we use with children such as maths songs (found under Stories) or cause and effect games.

HelpKidzLearn are currently doing a 'special offer' for Parents/Carers. Choose the Home Access option and then enter the code Games100 at checkout to get three months free access. Remember to cancel at the end of three month period or you may be charged £6.99 per month.

Hungry Little Minds

Activities to do with very young children and babies. You may find that some of the activities suggested here work really well for children who attend Stephen Hawking School.

Ian Bean ICT Resources

Free resources for cause and effect activities at home.

The Sensory Projects

Sensory Stories

Some raucous free sensory stories available on this website - and the podcast is well worth a listen too.

Singing Walrus

Educational songs about animals, days of the week, numbers, friends, etc.  Many classes use this throughout the day.

Bring the Noise

BBC Schools website for music, dance and sign. This site uses BSL rather than Signalong, but many are similar and the songs are fun.

Number Bonds

Some higher level number work but a very catchy song to share with siblings.

Eye Gaze Activities

Link to PDF with a range of free and pay activities to use if you have an eye gaze computer at home. 


Home learning resources.